Twitter has reportedly confirmed the testing of its “undo tweet” feature will be available for paid user?

    • Twitter has confirmed working on the Undo button.

    Twitter could be working on an “undo tweet” feature specifically for its paid subscribers, for the longest time, Twitter users have demanded an edit button but the micro-blogging site has never paid any heed to demands. However, it is bringing some respite for the users soon. The company is reportedly working on an Undo button but it will not be available to all the users. The feature will be only available to the users who agree to pay for the services! Yes, you read that right. The undo button will only be available to the paid users.

    Reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong tweeted about the existence of the undo tweet feature that appeared on a subscription screen. It would essentially allow users to overturn a recent tweet. This is unlike the existing delete tweet function that completely removes a particular tweet from being visible to all Twitter users. With undo tweet, users have the option to quickly remove a tweet within a fixed period of time before it has been sent out.

    For instance, if you have made a factual or a grammatical error in your tweet, you can use the undo button to first correct your mistake and then post it without deleting the entire tweet. It definitely saves a lot of time but comfort comes at a price so only the paid subscribers will have access to the feature. Twitter had confirmed working on the feature in an email to CNET.

    Earlier in an event, Twitter had shared its plans of launching a paid service. The micro-blogging site announced a paid subscription service called Super Follow. The company has been long rumored to be working on its paid subscription service to increase revenue.

    Wong shared a GIF that suggested an ‘Undo Send’ timer for tweets that would start as soon as a user presses the Tweet button and would last for a few seconds to let them undo tweet.

    The arrival of the undo tweet feature may help people who usually get annoyed for posting tweets with typos. However, it isn’t something that could allow editing, which is highly demanded by Twitter users for quite some time but isn’t yet in its top priorities.

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